Woman Has Man Hog-tie and Beat Her, to Frame Her Ex-boyfriend

Albuquerque woman schemes to frame ex-boyfriend

By: Stuart Dyson

Albuquerque_woman_schemes_to_frame_exboyfriend-syndImport-072058 (1)She told us her ex-boyfriend drugged her, tied her up, beat her, and raped her. Now Albuquerque police detectives say she’s a liar.

An Albuquerque man is charged with helping Princess Chavez of Albuquerque try to frame her ex-boyfriend for the crimes and send him to prison. On June 23, Princess Chavez came to Eyewitness News 4 with the shocking story of how her ex assaulted her in her trailer, twice, and how the police had not arrested him or charged him with any crime. We put the story on hold and now detectives say that ex-boyfriend has a “valid” alibi and the Princess was lying to try to put him behind bars.

Police photographs of Princess in the hospital show a very convincing-looking victim with many bruises and contusions. She told police and us that her ex forced her to take an overdose of prescription medicine and then knocked her out with a punch to the right side of her head. She said she woke up the next morning hogtied and hurt – badly hurt.

“I remember waking up on my bed,” Princess said in an interview we shot in silhouette because she told us she didn’t want to be identified. “I had a sock in my mouth or what I later found out was a sock. I was duct-taped. My arms were duct-taped together behind my back. My legs were duct-taped together behind my back.”

“We found her hog-tied,” her next door neighbor Viola Kimbro confirmed. “It was duct-tape and it had kind of pink stuff on it. I couldn’t tell you what the pattern was. She was kind of in and out of consciousness. Oh, she was very beat up. Oh, she had bruises all over her! He had kicked her apparently in the head. Her arms were all beat up.”

But police say Princess got another man, not her ex-boyfriend, but an Albuquerque man named Ronald Duncan to rough her up in a scheme to frame her ex, send him to prison, and activate some credit cards she applied for in her ex’s name. Duncan is now charged with four counts of tampering with evidence in connection with kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated burglary and conspiracy charges.

“Well, I guess I’m not in any position to make any comments at this time, until I have gotten to see my attorney,” Duncan said after a court appearance Friday. “So thank you.”

Princess Chavez has not been arrested – at least not yet. Police say she admitted to the attempted frame-up and complained that Duncan went too far when he beat her up. She repeated that complaint to us in a phone call Friday afternoon. Police say they actually have a cell phone video from Duncan’s cell phone that shows Princess and Duncan talking about what kind of tape to use to tie her up – and for him to “beat her up a little bit”.

Source: KOB

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