“When you are falsely accused…” by Sara

“When you are falsely accused (and intentionally for that matter) the pain can be crippling at times. That aside; I wish people cared about what their false allegations would do to the children involved. Even with the pain I suffered and the meds I now have to take on a daily basis, I would have given my life to take my children’s pain and fear of being taken from me away.” — Sara

3 comments on ““When you are falsely accused…” by Sara
  1. Sara Villiard says:

    I was INTENTIONALLY falsely accused of child abuse in March of 2009 by my children’s paternal grandfather’s wife. She did this because she was angry that I was on friendly terms with my children’s father (her “step-son” whom she “hates with a passion”). CPS took my kids without any shred of evidence of abuse. My children did not have 1 mark on them when CPS came to talk to them, yet they took them from me and gave them to the paternal grandfather & his wife anyway. The grandfather proceeded to file a PFA against me on behalf of MY kids 10 days after my kids were placed with them. They filed for child support before the PFA! Finally, in September 2009 I was cleared by 15 seperate CPS investigations all based off reports from these monsters and the PFA was dropped in a hearing that lasted less than 30 minutes. As soon as I regained physical custody of my angels, the grandfather & his wife filed for full custody of my kids! They were allowed 8 hours every other Saturday with my kids (they continued to call CPS on me and tell lies to my kids during this time) until July 2, 2010 when we had our custody hearing. After that hearing the judge determined they were only allowed Supervised Visitation. They “cried” of how much they feared for my kids safety and how much they loved my kids, yet they didn’t bother locating a supervising agency until September 2010. They were allowed one 2-hour supervised visit per month. We are now in June 2011 and in 10 months time (since getting a supervisor) they have only had 4 visits. Surprise surprise!! And guess what; NO CPS INVOLVEMENT since the custody hearing. Now, why in the world is it that people whom intentionally falsely accuse others receive no punishment? This should be an automatic felony!!!!!! They tore my kids from me for 5 months, lied to anyone who would listen and still continue to do so. They made my kids scared beyone belief that they would be taken from me again; I couldn’t even use the bathroom without my kids coming in with me because they feared I would not come back! And my nerves were so shot after all this, I now have to take meds 3 times a day. So, not only were we victimized by being lied about and torn apart in the 1st place, but we continue to be victimized because we see no justice for what these malicious vindictive people did to us! This is ludicrous!

  2. Laura says:

    I don’t know why there are no consequences for knowingly-false allegations. That reasoning is based on the fact that others would never tell horrible, dangerous lies for personal self-serving reasons. If lies were a hierarchy, this one would be located in the top five. This whole premise was developed to protect our kids, and there are those who found out how to hurt kids in complete contradiction to its purpose for creation. I’d be part of a task force pushing for the end to this. I’ve learned you cannot legislate morality; however, at the least, consequences following any false statement of this magnitude can still be given a consequence.

  3. susan l says:

    We are going through false allegations, my sonis in jail for being ffalsely accused. Detectives have lied and twisted everything and my son has lost everything. Its quilty until proven innocent

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