Vladek Filler Opens Doors of Justice for Others Falsely Accused of Abuse

Vladek Filler and son

Filler and son

As I first reported, when Vladek Filler decided to leave his 16 year relationship with his wife Ligia Filler, it was to save their children from her mentally unstable and abusive behavior. Little did he know the hell he would be put through by making that decision.

Ligia accused Vladek of sexual assault during the 2007 custody case for their two sons. He was prosecuted by an unethical Assistant District Attorney, Mary Kellett, who indicted him on five counts of gross sexual assault and two counts of assault. Vladek went through two trials and two appeals before being convicted of only one misdemeanor assault count, which was later dismissed. Even with this going on, Vladek was awarded custody of his sons.

In 2013, Kellett was eventually suspended for 30 days by the Maine Board of Overseers to the Bar after she acknowledged to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court that she violated Bar rules during Filler’s 2009 criminal trial. But later the suspension was suspended when the DA’s office claimed they needed help with their workload.

This is when the story starts to take a turn for the better.

Filler filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in 2015 against 18 defendants, including police and sheriff’s deputies, prosecutors, Hancock County, and the city of Ellsworth for the alleged withholding, tampering and destruction of exculpatory evidence, malicious prosecution, conspiracy, and defamation. Prosecutors Mary Kellett and Paul Cavanaugh tried to have Filler’s lawsuit dismissed, but the federal court denied their motions.

Vladek’s efforts have resulted in a $375,000 settlement, the first known case to overcome prosecutorial immunity and receive a settlement for claims of prosecutorial misconduct in Maine, and one of only a handful nationwide. Have the tides turned? Will you fight the false allegations made against you?

Watch Vladek Filler discuss his case at the National Coalition for Men’s 40th Anniversary Conference last September:

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