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12 comments on “Sign the Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence Petition
  1. Elvimar Rivas says:

    Men are not the only ones that are victims of false allegations. It’s just sad that the government doesn’t do anything to these people who lie and are never reprimanded for wasting the government resources.

  2. Rene Ramon says:

    I’m a victim of false allegations been beat up by law enforcement judge by many in the system when have evidence recording proof have been helping families against CPS for over years from injustice & othere Government Agencies where is Justice2injustice hopekidsfuture kids aren’t at fault!!

  3. john costa says:

    because it is wrong to not punish any false claims.

  4. Laura devoe says:

    Prosecute false allegations,,

  5. Chris says:

    False allegations happen way too often and destroy the lives of innocent people as well as make it more difficult for actual victims to get justice. The false reporting of crimes is a crime and needs to be punished. Victims of false allegations deserve justice too!

  6. Irina says:

    Prosecute False Allegations . This should be a F Charge.

  7. Bernard Major says:

    An Injustice to the Criminal Justice System of America.

  8. zenas fewell says:

    A victim of this too. I have an ex with self inflicted injuries. She took advantage of the fact that i do martial arts. The police were involved. But a week later she files a restraining order against me. Ishe. Made ut seem like i was crazy.. her mother never heard my side of story..she used to flash her 380. At me n threatened to shoot me all the time. My ex is just mad because i put her outta my house for her irresponsibility.

  9. James Hubert says:

    It is becoming more and more common that people are abusing the law of domestic assault and sexual assault. When a woman accuses a man of sexual assault people tend to believe her and criticizes the man without even trying to know the truth. It is a sad and horrible fact which must be stopped. Not just men, women also become victims of false allegations, be it assault or theft or any kind of crime are accused on innocent people. When the accused are people who can’t afford a good defense lawyer like Kostman & Pyzer barristers in Toronto ( ), the worse may happen where the innocent get punished for a crime that doesn’t happen at all. It is very important to take necessary action against false allegations.

  10. KARI MANRIQUEZ says:

    supporting this movement

  11. Fred G Ingraham says:

    Change is way overdue.

  12. Sherry says:

    I think all women who falsely accuse men of domestic violence in order to keep their children from them should be sent to jail and have to fight as hard as fathers do to be in their childrens life.

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