Mother’s National Campaign After Son Accused of Sexual Assault

From StarTribune. Excerpts:

screenshot-209Sherry Warner Seefeld’s son was found to be innocent after being accused of sexual assault. The woman who accused her son was charged with lying to police. It took more than a year before before his school, the University of North Dakota, agreed to let him back on campus.

Warner Seefeld is co-founder and president of Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE), a support group for the accused.

“[There’s] this hysteria where an accusation equates to guilt.” 

As a lifelong feminist, Seefeld admits that she probably wouldn’t have believed this six years ago. “If I had not gone through Caleb’s situation, I would be on that other side,” she said. But now, she’s convinced that the crackdown on sexual assault is creating a new class of victims.

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