TV news reports on false allegations of domestic violence, advocates talk about the effects of false allegations, false accusers on television, lawmakers’ comments on false allegations, and your videos.


News Reports-

Justice for Fathers?
2011, 5 min.



DVI-The inside story
Trailer, 3 min.


Advocate Reports-

Harry Crouch, Pres. National Coalition For Men, on False Allegations of Domestic Violence and the Military
2008, 9 min.

Dean Tong on False Allegations of Domestic Violence
2010, 9 min.

False Reports of Domestic Abuse
2009, 10 min.



Woman admits filing False Allegation of Domestic Violence on Dr. Phil Show
2009, 2 min.


Your Videos-

I was arrested one year ago today.
2011, 3 min.

False Allegations (Pt. 1) by Daddy Justice Film
2008, 10 min.

Vladek Filler Case (Police Audio of Ligia)
2009, 10 min.

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