Gordon Smith, Victim of Serial False Accuser

gordon smith falsely accused

January 2014 Update: Gordon Smith Achieves Expungement

Jan. 2013: Tell Delaware AG Biden to Expunge Gordon Smith’s Records

Dec. 2012: Letter: DE Sen. Lawson to A.G. Biden on Behalf of Gordon Smith

Sept. 2012: Tiffany Marie Smith Arrested for Falsely Accusing Gordon Smith

Aug. 2013: Injustice in Delaware (History)

One comment on “Gordon Smith, Victim of Serial False Accuser
  1. Rap O'Reilly says:

    How can I bring out the truth in the false allegations made against me. First, it was the DV protection order based on false fears. The DV protection order was dismissed with prejudice after 1 month. Then the CPS started its case of sexual abuse on my own daughter. This was closed as “Unfounded” after 2 months. I have been separated from my family and daughter for over 7 months now. Recently I have come to know per the deposition taken under oath that my wife was coerced and forced by the authorities into stating most of the false allegations including sexual assault on her and on my daughter. They informed my wife quoted here “You will never see your daughter again unless you sign off on the allegations”. What can I do to stop the disintegration of my family? What can I do to hold those responsible for destroying our family? Please advise.

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