Vladek Filler Case

“I believe we all have an absolute moral and constitutional obligation to fight abuse of officials who now wield almost absolute power to destroy our lives and undermine the administration of justice. –  Vladek Filler

Vladek Filler and son

Vladek Filler is a decent, loving, and dedicated father, brother, and son, who decided to leave his 16 year relationship with his wife Ligia Filler, and save their children from her mentally unstable and abusive behavior. Up to the time Mr. Filler decided to leave, his wife repeatedly praised him for being “the most loving and caring man and father that she has ever seen in her entire life,” and that he was “the only man for her”.

Vladek Filler tried to leave this relationship in an honorable and civilized manner, but his wife considered it betrayal. Almost instantly she considered Mr. Filler as her enemy, and made outrageous and filthy allegations against him in an effort to seize custody of their children and punish him for trying to leave her.

Vladek Filler was physically abused and falsely accused by his wife. He was then persecuted and falsely prosecuted for rape by Assistant District Attorney Kellett.

Mr. Filler was later found not guilty, and a campaign was started to Disbar Prosecutor Mary N. Kellett.


Visit Vladek Filler’s website for more information.



One comment on “Vladek Filler Case
  1. Rap O'Reilly says:

    How can I bring out the truth in the false allegations made against me. First, it was the DV protection order based on false fears. The DV protection order was dismissed with prejudice after 1 month. Then the CPS started its case of sexual abuse on my own daughter. This was closed as “Unfounded” after 2 months. I have been separated from my family and daughter for over 7 months now. Recently I have come to know per the deposition taken under oath that my wife was coerced and forced by the authorities into stating most of the false allegations including sexual assault on her and on my daughter. They informed my wife quoted here “You will never see your daughter again unless you sign off on the allegations”. What can I do to stop the disintegration of my family? What can I do to hold those responsible for destroying our family? Please advise. email: raporeilly@yahoo.com

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