Gordon Smith Achieves Expungement

Sometimes justice works: Delaware Libertarian Gordon Smith reaches the end of a long road in triumph

January 19, 2014
By Steve Newton

Gordon Smith, a Libertarian friend from central Delaware, is a proud man, and it has been exceptionally difficult for him to bear up under a mass of false charges from his ex-wife and others in a world where we are conditioned by our authorities and our media to believe almost with a knee jerk that people accused must be guilty of something.

Not this time.

I’ll let Gordon tell it himself:

I just opened and read an official letter/order from a Delaware Judge:

The state of Delaware has officially expunged my arrest record with all of the 21 charges. I will spare you the details of my three year Pro Se litigant trench warfare . But here is the conclusionary excerpt from the judge:

“The Court finds that Mr. Smith has overcome his burden of proving by a preponderance of evidence that the continued existence of the Charges constitutes a MANIFEST INJUSTICE. The State’s lack of opposition, Mr. Smith’s vindication and the Courts error in entering the 2010 charges in triplicate was sufficient. In the interest of justice and in order to uphold the integrity of the judiciary IT IS ORDERED that the petiton for expungement filed by Gordon G. Smith, is hereby granted.”

Had I been required to pay – this would have cost me over $1,500.00.

I paid absolutely nothing.

I am in complete awe right now

I can only imagine the weight that has lifted from Gordon’s shoulders. Last year, under the burden of these charges, almost nobody would consider hiring him. His lifelong passion for working for the rights of those falsely accused seemed to have dead-ended in his own case, and his political aspirations had become a joke.

Now, to the extent that the criminal justice system can make an innocent man whole, it has done so.

Gordon, you have my admiration for never, ever EVER quitting on what you knew was right, and I eagerly wait to see what you can accomplish now that the fetters (literally) have been removed.

Source: http://delawarelibertarian.blogspot.com/2014/01/sometimes-justice-works-delaware.html

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