Courtney Bisbee Out after 11 Years for False Allegation, Wrongful Conviction

Arizona’s Courtney Bisbee was released after serving a full sentence of 11 Years. She was falsely accused for an alleged crime that never happened!

Camille Tilley with exonerees, Brian Banks, CA and Bill Dillon, CA

Courtney Bisbee’s mother Camille Tilley with exonerees Brian Banks and Bill Dillon (@photo camille tilley)

Similar to the Brian Banks case, the mother of the accuser pressured her child to accuse Courtney Bisbee so they could sue the local school district, Paradise Valley Unified.

Brian Banks’ accuser Wanetta Gibson sued the Long Beach Unified School District for not protecting her from getting raped and received $750,000. After Bank’s exoneration the school district sued Gibson, who has been ordered to pay a $2.6 million judgement.

Courtney Bisbee was released from Perryville Prison, AZ after serving her full sentence of 11 years; with 18 months parole added. In February 2004, she was falsely accused by one teenager of allegedly sexually “touching” him. She was convicted at a Bench trial and sentenced under then-DA/Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who later was disbarred in April 2012 for abuse of power falsely accusing judges, lawyers, and officials of RICO. Courtney has been fighting her wrongful conviction in the appeals court where her “actual innocence” Writ of Habeas is waiting for the judge’s ruling.

In Courtney Bisbee’s case, the father and older brother of the accuser (the prosecution’s star witness, recanted in 2007, yet Courtney remained in prison for a decade since the new evidence – proof of a scam for money, and her innocence. Now, once again, they have come forward, and posted this comment on Bisbee’s petition: “This was a witch hunt. Defendent & Mother wanted $$$ prosecutors wanted a high profile conviction..”


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