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Mom: False Positive Drug Test Ruined My Son’s Birth

“Just so you know, you’ve tested positive…For methamphetamine…The baby will be tested for drugs. The hospital social worker will meet with me before I can be discharged. Child Protective Services will be contacted to evaluate my fitness as a parent.”

“The Bachelorette” Knowingly Cast Someone Who Had Been Arrested For DV

Why “The Bachelorette” Knowingly Cast Someone Who Had Been Arrested For Domestic Violence By Kate Aurthur June 14, 2013 Excerpt: When pressed about why The Bachelorette would ever cast someone with any taint of domestic violence around him, the show

Bachelorette contestant Brad McKinzie’s Ex Sets the Record Straight

Brittnee Nelson speaks to Wetpaint: I definitely don’t want to make myself look any worse but I respect Brad and don’t want him to have a bad “domestic violence” image..Brad McKinzie is getting the wrong image painted of him about

ABC’s Bachelorette show brings attention to False Allegations of Domestic Violence

False Allegations of domestic violence were discussed on ABC’s The Bachelorette show this week. Desiree Hartsock’s suitor Brad McKinzie revealed an incident that happened three years ago involving Brittnee Nelson, the mother of his son Maddox. Maddex lives with his

Action Alert! Tell Delaware AG Biden to Expunge Gordon Smith’s Records

Gordon Smith was the victim of 14 false police reports by his ex-wife Tiffany Marie Smith of Dover, Delaware. Mr. Smith was falsely arrested nine times for various domestic violence charges, one terrifying time at gunpoint. Tiffany Smith was caught

UPDATE: Gordon Smith: Letter to DE Attorney General

New! Letter to Delaware State Police and State Attorney General from A Voice for Men – August 27, 2012 Comment: “Mr. Smith has been subjected to 13 false allegations. 5 of them were so frivolous they did not result in

“When you are falsely accused…” by Sara

“When you are falsely accused (and intentionally for that matter) the pain can be crippling at times. That aside; I wish people cared about what their false allegations would do to the children involved. Even with the pain I suffered

Abused, then falsely accused of rape

Vladek Filler and son

Vladek Filler is a decent, loving, and dedicated father, brother, and son, who decided to leave his 16 year relationship with his wife Ligia Filler, and save their children from her mentally unstable and abusive behavior. Up to the time

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