UPDATE: Gordon Smith: Letter to DE Attorney General

gordon smith

New! Letter to Delaware State Police and State Attorney General from A Voice for Men – August 27, 2012

Comment: “Mr. Smith has been subjected to 13 false allegations. 5 of them were so frivolous they did not result in arrests. Of the 8 that resulted in arrests, not a single one has been substantiated and more than one has been shown to be clearly fraudulent.

This latest outrage is worst of all because even though he’s on a “probation” without a conviction, wearing an ankle bracelet that tracks his every movement, shows he was nowhere near where this latest phony “threatening note” was left, he’s being verbally abused by Delaware State Police officers anyway.” — DS


Not again!

After suing the DE state police for allowing the false allegations to continue, (10 false allegations and 8 wrongful arrests so far), Gordon Smith was falsely accused of domestic violence and arrested July 28 and  August 20!)

Gordon is free, but he is facing yet another trial. And worst of all, he’s being kept from his sons by a bogus restraining order.

Please call or email Deputy Attorney General Kent Haltom and ask that he drop the charges against Gordon immediately. Request that he arrest Gordon’s serial false accuser instead.

Deputy Attorney General Kent Haltom

Call: 302-739-4211, Email: kenneth.haltom@state.de.us

A Voice for Men article: Injustice in Delaware

Fathers and Children Coalition articles, part one, part two.

A Girl Writes What Requests a Call to Arms for Gordon Smith

4 comments on “UPDATE: Gordon Smith: Letter to DE Attorney General
  1. Maritza Molina says:

    The prison system in the United States is a profit-making industry.Private corporations operate over 200 facilities nationwide and are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Today most of the people are wrongly accused, just to make a profit, that’s all.

  2. Kim Paddock says:

    I was a professional witness for a guy whose ex wife did the same thing. I was hired on the third false allegation leveled at him by his ex-wife. He was facing the loss of his business at that point. I am a professional drafter. I draft in 3-D in the computer. I drafted the alleged crime scene in the computer and showed the judge beyond a shadow of a doubt that this woman could have never seen what she claimed to have seen and my client was set free.

    • Harold G. Hastings says:

      I am now going through almost the same process with my ex-wife. She has lied under oath, gave false evidence to the Court and her lawyer is now asking to have me locked up if I do not pay a unfair judgement against me.I am also a Pro Se litigant and also financially destroyed. That judgement placed against me by the found guilty of unethical violations Judge John Henriksen. Would like to talk to Mr. Smith if possible! A e-mail with contact info would be appreciated! Thanks!

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