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Courtney Bisbee Out after 11 Years for False Allegation, Wrongful Conviction

Courtney Bisbee

Arizona’s Courtney Bisbee was released after serving a full sentence of 11 Years. She was falsely accused for an alleged crime that never happened! Similar to the Brian Banks case, the mother of the accuser pressured her child to accuse Courtney

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Mother’s National Campaign After Son Accused of Sexual Assault

From StarTribune. Excerpts: Sherry Warner Seefeld’s son was found to be innocent after being accused of sexual assault. The woman who accused her son was charged with lying to police. It took more than a year before before his school,

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Smart Defense Initiative Grants to Aid Defendents

Great news! Contra Costa County [CA] was given nearly $400,000 from the U.S. Justice Department for a Smart Defense Initiative aimed at making sure criminal defendants have effective lawyers. Contra Costa was also one of six counties nationwide to share

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Mom: False Positive Drug Test Ruined My Son’s Birth

“Just so you know, you’ve tested positive…For methamphetamine…The baby will be tested for drugs. The hospital social worker will meet with me before I can be discharged. Child Protective Services will be contacted to evaluate my fitness as a parent.”

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Pledge to End Violence Against Everyone

Man abused by wife

Do you support evidence based solutions to partner abuse? Visit:

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Man Beat with Metal Pole by Ex-girlfriend, Police Ignore Video, He Goes to Jail

From The Blaze… Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned. Justin Lindsey has been jailed in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, for the past week, KDKA-TV reported, facing charges of harassment and assault. But according to Lindsey’s family, he’s the one who

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Sign the Stop False Allegations of Domestic Violence Petition

Over 28,000 signatures so far! Click the image below to go to Petition2Congress to sign this petition.

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Woman Has Man Hog-tie and Beat Her, to Frame Her Ex-boyfriend

Albuquerque woman schemes to frame ex-boyfriend By: Stuart Dyson 7.18.14 She told us her ex-boyfriend drugged her, tied her up, beat her, and raped her. Now Albuquerque police detectives say she’s a liar. An Albuquerque man is charged with helping

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Men and Women Experts Come Together to Discuss Gender Issues

Men and Women Experts Come Together to Discuss Gender Issues June 16, 2014 Press conference for the First International Conference on Men’s Issues has moved to a new location that will accommodate more attendees. A Voice For Men has assembled

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Gordon Smith Achieves Expungement

Sometimes justice works: Delaware Libertarian Gordon Smith reaches the end of a long road in triumph January 19, 2014 By Steve Newton Gordon Smith, a Libertarian friend from central Delaware, is a proud man, and it has been exceptionally difficult

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