ABC’s Bachelorette show brings attention to False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Brad McKinzieFalse Allegations of domestic violence were discussed on ABC’s The Bachelorette show this week. Desiree Hartsock’s suitor Brad McKinzie revealed an incident that happened three years ago involving Brittnee Nelson, the mother of his son Maddox. Maddex lives with his dad full-time.

Brad was arrested for domestic violence after he tried to keep Brittnee from driving while drunk. The case was dismissed, and Brad’s record has been cleared of the arrest. Brad is not alone; in a nationwide survey, One in Ten report they’ve been Falsely Accused of Abuse.

I’d like to thank Brad and the producers for addressing the subject of false allegations of domestic violence on prime time TV. It just so happens that June is False Allegations Awareness Month.

A conference on false allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault will be held on June 21-22 in Washington, DC. You can register here:

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